Destination Address (DAs)

A Destination Address is a user-de fined group of Destination Points. This
enables some reporting commands to route their report to several destinations at the same time with a single de finition. Up to 10 (0 to 9) DAs maybe de ned. Refer to the DA message for more information. This command enables the user to group a list of DPs and/or a range of DPs.
The main use for DAs is on the routing options of an event de nition. The
Event Machine section gives more information about this. What should
be clear on this, is that a report generated by an event is always sent to a
DA, not to a single DP. For this reason DAs make part of the minimum
con guration required by the unit. Some examples of DAs’ de nitions are:

1. Defi ning DA 5 as the group containing DPs 04, 06, 10 and 15:
>SDA5;P04,P06,P10,P15< This will make any event using DA 5 as Destination Address on its routing options to send the same report to the IP host 04, IP host 06, phone number 10 and the unit’s serial port. Such an event could be de fined as: >SED23NV5;TD1+< 2. Defi ning DA 8 as the group containing DPs 00 to 03, 07 to 09 and 14: >SDA8;P00:P03,P07:P09,P14< 3. To delete a DA de finition: >SDA8U< Note: You can always de fine a DA containing a single DP so you can send a single report to a single destination. For example: >SDA3;P01<