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Extended Tags

This message allows the creation and con guration of up to three sets of information tags to be used by an event having the Message ID quali er set to A, B or C. This will make such an event generate an EV reporting message with extra information tags as described on the EV message section. For […]



A valid TAIP message without the opening (>)and closing (SED00NV0;F00+;ACT=SSSXP21< The action above is ACT=SSSXP21, this means that when F00+ (Ignition is ON) we are going to automatically execute SSSXP21. There are two types of actions ACT & XCT, when the Event Handling|Message Routing is Silent – we do not worry about which one to […]


Event Trigger

A trigger is determinated with the logical combination of several situations (also called signals). A logical combination is basically an equation (speci fically: a boolean equation) that combines signals (situations) with the logical operators AND, OR and NOT. In Syrus, these boolean equations use the postfi xed notation, meaning that the operator is at the end of […]


Boolean Logic

Logical operation used to combine signals: &: AND |: OR !: NOT



As described in the previous section, the event machine takes actions like reporting or switching outputs whenever a user de fined trigger goes off . This trigger is confi gured by the user with the logical combination of situations. A situations makes reference to a vehicle state which is in fact represented by signals and their state. Syrus’ […]


Destination Address (DAs)

A Destination Address is a user-de fined group of Destination Points. This enables some reporting commands to route their report to several destinations at the same time with a single de finition. Up to 10 (0 to 9) DAs maybe de ned. Refer to the DA message for more information. This command enables the user to group a […]


Message Identifier

Alphabetical characters used to identify messages. The letter V is the standard’s one. This message allows the creation and configuration of up to three sets of information tags to be used by an event having the Message ID qualifier set to A, B or C. The message has the following format: A[BBB…] A: Identifier of […]


Event Handling|Message Routing

Message routing: N: Normal. Route the Event Message to the speci fied Destination Address. X: Serial Port. Route the Event Message to the unit’s serial port only. S: Signal only. Do not generate an Event Message. The event’s signal still follows the event’s state. U: Undefi ned. Delete the event’s de finition.


Event Number

Also referred to as the Index, they are unique for every event and can be from 00-99 events.


Event Definition

The Syrus 1 has 70 events and Syrus 2 has 100 events available for the user to confi gure. They may be de fined all at once in a con figuration script or they me be individually de fined at any moment as the user adds/removes functionality. The actual events’ de nitions of the unit may be consulted with the […]