Technically a gateway is a term used to link two programs acting as a portal where information can be shared.

In our case, we refer to the Pegasus as a Gateway because it has Webservices intergrated that allow communication with any host software, servers.

Gateway is also a term used to refer to a server where you can visualize AVL devices,


A term used for an online software, typically a server where you can visualize AVL devices.

Also see server.


Pegasus Gateway is a web tracking platform that is developed and owned by DCT.  It is exclusively for the Syrus GPS devices and will include all the peripherals/accessories DCT manufactures.

This Gateway is more than a platform because it offers real time data from the devices that are connected via Webservices JSON RPC. This data is first transmitted to DCT, then it is sent to the client’s listener.  The listener will receive the data parsed to avoid confusion. For more information please visit Pegasus Gateway.



Modem stands for Modulator/Demodulator – this is the communication module that connects the device over the GPRS/GSM networks and is able to establish the links to transmit data to the server.  The Syrus uses a Cinterion Modem and is programmed in Java.



A microcontroller is an embedded chip that has special instructions that tell the Syrus how to operate, specifically the antenna, movement detection, and input controls. The Syrus uses a Microchip microcontroller.



Unique 15 digit identification number for every Syrus ever manufactured.

This number is written on a sticker on the back of the Syrus device and is useful for diagnostic purposes.



GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications – it is an international standard that basically allows your Syrus device to maintain a voice connection or SMS connection with the Syrus device.


GPS Module / Receiver

The GPS module refers to the actual embedded GPS antenna that is located inside the Syrus GPS.  This module is what collects the satellites information around the globe and pinpoints a latitude and longitude on a map.

When we talk about the GPS Module we will probably refer to it needing to be reset. Please see the following guide for more information.



GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service, in the most simplest of terms it refers to the Syrus’ connection to the internet via the SIM card.  GPRS is GSM based, this means that it is an evolution from GSM technology, and as the name implies, it uses Packet Switching technology to transmit data.

When we talk about Syrus and mention GPRS we refer to having the communication channel available for the device to speak to the server/platform.  If GPRS is down, this means that there is no internet connectivity on the device and this can happen if cell phone carriers do not provision the SIM correctly.



Dilution of Precision – or DOP – is an effect that reduces the accuracy of a GPS receiver’s coordinates (latitude & longitude), caused by different factors, including the angle of Earth’s satellites, atmosphere, doppler effect.  For more information please see our Anti-drift Filter Tutorial.