DCT University is a certification program for technicians & professionals who want to discover the endless solutions & applications on fleet management productivity and control.

The goals for this University are to increase, improve, and generate results with:
– Hardware – Network – Platform – Applications
Using DCT’s ecosystem of solutions.


The University is subdivided into 4 specific certification courses.

Entry Level Certification

You will learn about:

Networks – tracking servers and listeners – TCP/UDP
GPS – how a point on a map is made
GSM/GPRS – how that point is transmitted to a webpage
Setting up your tracking device to report to your own server
Get you started with a very basic script reporting to your very own computer / server
Interact with the device via SMS
Understand how the data is generated for Pegasus to work and more!
Technical Level Certification
First Look at APIs and the Tools Used to Consume Them

Professional Level Certification
Challenge Yourself and Develop Custom Applications and Solutions

Master Level Certification
Advanced Field Applications and cross platform integration with multiple APIs


  • Find Project Opportunities
  • Learn how to integrate different accessories
  • Define high-end application integrations
  • Apply efficient solutions based on industry needs
  • Improve client experience
  • Develop an analytical approach on technical tasks
  • Support and create multiple business models
  • Explore different APIs leading innovations into the new century


  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their portfolio of solutions to include vehicle management
  • Programmers who are interested in learning more about the producing rich vehicle data
  • Technicians with background experience in the Fleet Management / GPS Industry
  • Small and medium business owners who are looking to integrate distinctive applications


  • Submit endorsement or recommendation letter from a DCT Integrator or a DCT staff member – sample letter
  • Register for the Premium Support license program or submit proof of an active license to access technical material
  • Register to DCT University to request admission (subject to approval)