We call the first letter after the start of a command the Qualifier
There are 3 possible Qualifiers: Q, R, S:
Q for Querying/Asking the device something
S for Setting/Configuring the commando on the device configuration
When you finally send something, the Syrus Responds to the command you send, confirming that the device received the command.
Q is used whenever we want to ask the device something, in the example above the command >QVR< can be broken down as: >QVR< – Q is the Qualifier it stands for Query, VR is the command, there is no structure to this command We are basically Querying or Asking the device for the Firmware version information. Since VR is the command, we can look this up in the Syrus Manual and confirm the results once we send the command to the device. Using Syrus Desk we will receive a response similar to: >RVR;2.0.60;ID=356612021234567< Notice how the string starts now with R – standing for Response, followed by the command – VR, and finally the content of the response, the Firmware Version in this case (2.0.60) followed by the ID of the Syrus – IMEI. Syrus successfully responded to our Query of Firmware Version.