DCT University is a certification program for technicians & professionals who want to discover the endless solutions & applications on fleet management productivity and control.

The goals for this University are to increase, improve, and generate results with:
– Hardware – Network – Platform – Applications
Using DCT’s ecosystem of solutions.

DCT Solutions


The University is subdivided into 4 specific certification courses.

Entry Level Certification

You will learn about:
Networks – tracking servers and listeners – TCP/UDP
GPS – how a point on a map is made
GSM/GPRS – how that point is transmitted to a webpage
Setting up your tracking device to report to your own server
Get you started with a very basic script reporting to your very own computer / server
Interact with the device via SMS
Understand how the data is generated for Pegasus to work
and more!

Technical Level Certification
– First Look at APIs and the Tools Used to Consume Them

Professional Level Certification
– Challenge Yourself and Develop Custom Applications and Solutions

Master Level Certification
– Advanced Field Applications and cross platform integration with multiple APIs



  • Find Project Opportunities
  • Learn how to integrate different accessories
  • Define high-end application integrations
  • Apply efficient solutions based on industry needs
  • Improve client experience
  • Develop an analytical approach on technical tasks
  • Support and create multiple business models
  • Explore different APIs leading innovations into the new century


Who should register?

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their portfolio of solutions to include vehicle management
  • Programmers who are interested in learning more about the producing rich vehicle data
  • Technicians with background experience in the Fleet Management / GPS Industry
  • Small and medium business owners who are looking to integrate distinctive applications


Admission Requirements?

  • 1. Submit endorsement or recommendation letter from a DCT Integrator or a DCT staff member – sample letter
  • 2. Register for the Premium Support license program or submit proof of an active license to access technical material
  • 3. Register to DCT University to request admission (subject to approval)

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