Message Identifier

Alphabetical characters used to identify messages. The letter V is the standard’s one.

This message allows the creation and configuration of up to three sets of information tags to be used by an event having the Message ID qualifier set to A, B or C. The message has the following format:


A: Identifier of the extended-event format being set or consulted. The valid identifiers are: A, B or C.
[BBB…]: Information tag. Enter each tag separated by a “;” character.For more information about tags please refer to Syrus manual.
For example:

To set event 49 to send an extended-event message that includes the cell information, the number of GPS satellites in view and the state of counter 05 whenever the vehicle’s speed goes above 55 mph:

Define the event. Set it to use extended-event forma

>SED49NA0;S00+< Define extended-event format A to include the required tags >SXAEFA;CF;SV;CV05< To delete the extended-event reporting format >SXAEFAU<